Restoration, repairs and servicing

AMR offers a comprehensive range of services to Restore, Repair and Maintain your equipment.



We offer a full restoration service for presses. If you are unsure whether a press can be restored or not then please do contact us and we will be happy to advise you. The press in the photographs below had sat underneath a tree for nearly 20 years and was restored to full working order in 2013 by AMR for a Print Workshop in Suffolk.

Albion restoration


 Repairs and Problem Solving  

We are able to repair pretty much any fault with a press and offer a full engineering service including supply of replacement parts if necessary. Many smaller repairs can be carried out on site.

Often clients ask us to look at a press because something doesn’t feel right. We are always more than happy to investigate and offer an honest appraisal, many ‘problems’ can be sorted quickly and inexpensively.

The photographs below show a new piston being created for an Albion Press. The entire process, Pattern making, Casting and Engineering was carried out by small UK companies on behalf of AMR.


 Albion piston bespoke manufacture



Many clients ask us to check and service their presses just to ensure that there are no problems developing, that everything is set up correctly and working as it should be and that the presses are clean and lubricated properly.

If you feel that your press would benefit from being professionally serviced or maintained  please contact us for advice and a quotation. We also offer Service Plans if you would like the peace of mind of regular checks.